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XXT-Token announces new partnerships beyond their initial scope they are expanding business sooner than expected

XXT-Token announces new partnerships beyond their initial scope they are expanding business sooner than expected

October 22
00:00 2021

Sao Paulo, Brazil – The XXT-Token, the cryptocurrency designed and already implemented as the payment method, announces new partnerships with companies and business of clothes and goods.

With these new partnerships, XXT-Toke is establishing itself as a means of payment in various market segments, anticipating several phases in its planning described in its white paper. This is no surprise, given the constant materialization of ideas and planning into facts and real business, of its creators and its investor community.

The XXT-Token concept

With this in mind, Daniel Itzicovitch, CEO of XXT-Token, designed and created the concept of XXT-Token, which is intended to be the payment method for the adult and gambling industry. According to Itzicovitch, the XXT-Token is creating an entire ecosystem to integrate, revitalize and leverage this multi-million-dollar industry worldwide, through payment and receipt for products and services.

But what is the advantage of using XXT-Token with a means of payment instead of a credit card? “Paying through the XXT-Token is fast, convenient, confidential and the fees are a fraction of the traditional cost of a credit card transaction.” he says. In addition to that, Itzicovitch says his token is specific for this niche and is not completely decentralized as other cryptos. Being 100% decentralize may bring chaos due the lack of focus, no support, no real project behind. Although it’s more centralized than other networks, XXT and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), still advocates for its users right for anonymity. In the other hand, XXT-Token provides support for its partners and investors, they have their own API and a strong and real project behind the project.

Reading the document called white paper, which contains the entire project description and the road map, we see that XXT-Token has already implemented and launched many of its proposals. Rare are the cryptocurrencies that come out of the paper, from the virtual world to the real world.

XXT-Token has been doing this day after day, including advancing steps that would be implemented later. They’ve even launched their own streaming platform called BITCAM XXT. BITCAM XXT is the first streaming platform in the world, based exclusively on cryptocurrency. Customers pay and content creators receive in XXT-Token.

The XXT-Token was launched on June 13th, 2021, on PancakeSwap from Binance. In addition to having already delivered more than planned, it is already listed on CoinMarketCap, FTX (formerly Blockfolio), CoinPaprika, SeedListing, CoinSniper, Nomics, and many other sites, in addition to the exchanges CATEX.IO and COINSBIT.IO.

XXT-Token’s smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been fully audited by TechRate, the leading coin auditing agency. The audit process has been conducted during the week of August 13th, 2021. The full report is available for download on XXT-Token’s website.

XXT-Token Community And Future Outlook

The XXT-Token community has grown over 5,900 on both groups on Telegram (International group spoken English, Spanish and French and the Portuguese group), plus over 41.6k followers on Instagram.

Not only Itzicovitch, but all Devs are present daily in groups and on Instagram, interacting with XXT-Token holders and investors. This active participation of the Devs and their transparent and straightforward positioning have attracted more and more investors. All questions, doubts or queries are quickly clarified.

XXT-Token aims, and is already heading, to be the reference in the adult and gambling industry. The API to integrate the payments platforms is ready and currently being deployed. The smartphone application to be used by consumers across the XXT-token’s partner ecosystem is already under development and will be released Q1 2022.

XXT-Token is actively seeking for more partnerships with companies and websites that accept their cryptocurrency as a means of payment. In some cases, XXT-Token Devs went out to compete as in the case of BITCAM XXT streaming, which delivers far more services and products than just its competitors.

XXT-Token Tokenomics

The initial total supply is 50,000,000 tokens. After launch the 40% burn left only 33,000,000 tokens. All transactions (buy/sale/transfer) are be taxed on 10%, with the following distribution:

1% for all holders;

1% burned in each transaction;

4% for automatic generation of liquidity (pool);

4% for expenses and marketing.

The XXT-Tokens holders earn stakes on every transaction. The rewards are generated via taxed transactions. These rewards do not need a specified minimum amount of XXT-Tokens, and they are automatically staked directly into the holder’s wallet…no need to be claimed.


The XXT-Token is innovative and active in a multi-billion-dollar market segment – adult and gambling industry. Their idea and concept are so far ahead of what we currently have available that it’s hard to predict the future of this cryptocurrency. The current liquid supply of the XXT-Token is around of 23,000,000 tokens, which already demonstrates the explosive high potential of growth of this revolutionary cryptocurrency.

About the company

XXT-Token if formed by financial market, information technology professionals and crypto enthusiasts, dedicated to develop and implement the culture of using DEFI (decentralized finance) as a multisector means of payments.





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