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Army Ant Limited Announces the Release of Its Encryption Mixer ANTUSDT

Army Ant Limited Announces the Release of Its Encryption Mixer ANTUSDT

February 10
00:00 2021

London, UK – Recently, Army Ant has announced the release of its encryption mixer (coin shuffle) ANTUSDT.

“Weak Anonymity” V.S the “Black Money”, which one would users prefers? Digital currency is actually not completely anonymous (pseudo-anonymity), so the encryption mixer was born – ANTUSDT.

The digital currency address will not be linked to a real identity in real life, but if it is not done properly, it will. People can trace back to a particular transaction by associating multiple nodes in the blockchain, and then through the analysis of blockchain data and KYC/AML data, people can know who sent the transaction, and even include more details, such as location, reason of the transaction and so on.

The principle of coin shuffle:

What is coin shuffle?

Speaking of digital currency, it is easy to think of its two characteristics, one is decentralization, the other is anonymity. But the anonymity of cryptocurrencies is limited.

Although real-name authentication is not required, and the user’s real identity cannot be matched by the address, the transaction on the blockchain is public. If someone deliberately looks for it, some clues can also be found through big data analysis, unless everyone is like Satoshi Nakamoto who is as cautious as possible. However, there is a service that can provide users with sufficiently high privacy protection, that is, coin shuffle services.

Coin shuffle, as the name implies, is to mix coins from different issuing addresses and then send them out. Through this process, the correspondence between the output address and input address of a transaction is cut off, thereby better protecting the privacy of users.

In fact, the process of coin shuffle is like a lot of people throwing coins into the wishing pool. If everyone throws in coins of 1 yuan, then people can know how many 1-yuan coins who throws in at what time, but when the staff cleans these coins and sorts them out, people cannot tell which coin was thrown in by whom.

Since the Bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger, it records every transaction on the Bitcoin network, and after coin shuffle, it is impossible to know which incoming transaction should correspond to which outgoing transaction. It is difficult to find out where and how much the cryptocurrency of the trader is stored, which protects user privacy to the greatest extent.

Under normal circumstances, coin shuffle for multiple times, with a small number of coins each time, is better.


Coin shuffle is a privacy protection function, and coin shuffle transactions are difficult to track. The funds are mixed with the funds of other users, and a random relationship is created between the existing user’s account system and the new account after coin shuffle. This mechanism can realize the anonymity of transactions and the anonymity of all services.

ANTUSDT platform advantages

According to market research, all coin mixers on the market are open to merchants, and ANTUSDT is the only coin mixer that is open to merchants and retail investors.

ANTUSDT’s business scope also includes: cryptocurrency collection agenting, payment agenting, coining cash lending, coining currency borrowing, multi-country and multi-platform acceptance, etc.

How does ANTUSDT coin shuffle make profit

Merchants need to use the corresponding currency, retail merchants supply and merchants use, and merchants give corresponding commissions (to ensure that the fund pool has sufficient spare assets to provide and withdraw coins, every coin shuffle requires the user to actively authorize it, only by obtaining the user’s authorization can assets can assist in coin shuffle.

Cooperative merchants have paid a deposit equivalent to 25 BTC and a full liquidity deposit of more than 5 times to ensure zero risk in ANTUSDT business.

Introduction of AUTUSDT rules

Ordinary users can earn coin shuffle commissions by participating in two-coin shuffle methods through a single authorization.

ANTUSDT cross-chain coin shuffle

ANTUSDT creates a large-scale coin shuffle pool, which gathers the most circulating currencies on the market.

Join the cross-chain coin shuffle via authorization, their assets will be mixed with hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies around the world. Through countless asset interactions, the traces of funds of participating users can be completely concealed to achieve the effect that the ocean can bleach ink.

ANTUSDT has a large number of cooperative merchants. The coin shuffle pool can handle a large number of assets with privacy requirements 24 hours a day, and provide encrypted whereabouts and currency exchange services for assets. Every time ordinary users are authorized to participate in cross-chain coin shuffle, they can obtain the commission earned by the coin shuffle pool.

Reciprocating acceptance coin shuffle

Join reciprocating acceptance coin shuffle via authorization, their assets will be on standby at any time for major merchants to call, during which their assets may switch between various currencies. After applying for the call, the user needs to press the “Re-exchange” button in the order on the coin shuffle details page.

Large merchants will restore their assets to the original digital currency within the specified time and pay the corresponding commission.

In the fiat currency world, this problem can be traced back to a real legal case in the 17th century. The conclusion of the case is that-if users receive a banknote involved in theft, the police will later investigate that the banknote was stolen and traded several times before it reaches their hand. In this case, the police have no right to Take this banknote from their account. The same is true for digital currencies. What does it matter if users receive a coin that is not stolen by them?


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