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Artificial Intelligence to Predict Outcome of Football Matches

Artificial Intelligence to Predict Outcome of Football Matches

June 09
00:00 2020

Tortola, British Virgin Islands – BVI Tortola sports hedge fund AI Sports targets Asia as its core market and aims to soon having tens of millions of dollars under management. AI Sports – which has an investment fund that bets on sport on behalf of members, and trades or hedges its bets looks to be the first sports wealth management fund to set foot into Asia.

In recent years, with the rise of big data analytics and machine learning technology, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been gaining popularity in different business applications, and has achieved wonderful results in applications such as search engines, personalized recommendations, and intelligent customer service, etc. AI Alpha Go, an AI computer program developed by DeepMind Technologies and acquired by Google even manage to defeat the Chess Master World Champion in 2017. This proves that AI technology has reached maturity and is able to replace human expertise in some highly intelligent industries.

The Financial Investment sector is undoubtedly the most valuable and challenging sector for any artificial intelligence applications. “All winning investments with no loss” is the ultimate goal of every investor, and artificial intelligence is fast becoming a key turning component in achieving this goal. Driven by artificial intelligence technology and big data analytics, the financial investment sector will be facing an upgrade, and the accuracy of each investment will be greatly improved.

AI Sports, the first sports wealth management fund focusing on the Asian market, has spotted this trend. Combining artificial intelligence technology and big data analytics, it has successfully predicted up to 80% of football matches from 2018 till present. Statistics form the core of AI Sports’ investment strategy, which consists of a constantly updated database of all relevant and available statistics built for football over the years, aided by a powerful artificial intelligence algorithm calculator to achieve the desired results. Moreover, even when a football game begins, the database will be updating live and new probabilities calculated, thus allowing the company to conduct real-time transactions during the game.

According AI Sports’ management, although the concept of sports wealth management is very new in Asia, it has actually been around in Europe and Australia for several years and has been gaining popularity among investors. AI Sports believes Asia to be a huge market for sports wealth management because Asians not only love to watch football, they also love to have a wager or two. Football betting has always been a social issue for most Asian countries, with an efficient, high-tech, and high-probability calculation algorithm now available in the market, it is definitely more reliable than purely betting based on luck or limited human analysis.

There are several reasons for the rise of sports wealth management funds in Europe and Australia in recent years. Massive political and economic events have been proven to have little-to-no correlation with sporting events with investors looking to diversify their portfolio with sports wealth management funds. Moreover, as long as the sports wealth management fund is properly managed, its returns are very impressive, it can be several times higher than traditional investment funds. Finance is unbearably complicated these days, and systemic risk in one’s portfolio is a difficult thing to manage. Putting money in a sports wealth management fund is recession-proof; it’s impervious to the broader events of global finance. Last but not least, most alternative assets (and the hedge funds that bet on them) have significant volatility. If managed correctly, this shouldn’t apply to sports wealth management. They’re able to generate substantial funds without leverage, and subsequently without the downside risk associated with most alternative funds.

Covid-19 has affected the world in 2020, and global finance has been the most drastically affected. Although sports wealth management funds have not suffered losses due to the crisis, they have however been suspended for 2-3 months due to no football matches. Now that the Bundesliga has resumed, the Premier League will follow suit on June 17th. All sports wealth management funds will soon be active again. This seems like the perfect time for AI Sports to launch its fund in Asia, with confidence in the traditional financial investment sector at a new low in recent years, many investors are looking for alternate investments not affected by the gloom and doom brought forward by the Covid-19!

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