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TwinWin Group: a New Player Enters the FinTech Sector

TwinWin Group: a New Player Enters the FinTech Sector

April 15
00:00 2020

New York City, NY, USA – It wasn’t that long ago that the term ‘FinTech’ was something that only few understood or even knew anything about. But over the last three years, things have seriously changed – the rise of digital payment solutions (think WeChat Pay), digital banking solutions, digital currencies, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning has changed the FinTech sector into one of the hottest and most exciting industries to be in.

In fact, in 2018, a whopping $112 billion was pumped into innovative companies that pursue technological innovations in the financial sector, an exponential increase as compared to the $51 billion that entered the FinTech sector in 2017.

It is little wonder that almost every major investor wants a piece of the action. With that being said, it is no surprise that large family offices such as TwinWin Group, which is the family office of the Ivanov family are starting to enter the game.

TwinWin Group traditionally focused on relatively safe and stable investments, particularly blue-ship stocks of multi-billion dollar companies listed on the US stock market such as Google and Amazon through its TwinWin Structured Note.

While blue-chip stock investments remain a key business segment for TwinWin Group, it has made moves into the FinTech sector by investing in Blockchain, digital solutions for payments and transfers as well as technologies related to financial markets trading.

One of TwinWin Group’s most exciting new development is its acquisition and development of technology that can be used for arbitrage trading in cryptocurrencies, a rather new frontier that has become one of the most enthralling, and often lucrative areas in the entire world.

The cryptocurrency market represents an intriguing investment opportunity for traders, speculators and investors which can be extremely lucrative. However, it is also well known to be a volatile market where great fortunes can be made and lost overnight as evident in the cryptocurrency crash of 2018 where Bitcoin prices fell from a high of $19,000 in December 2017 to less than $4,000 in late 2018.

TwinWin Group’s cryptocurrency arbitrage trading system, also known as the TwinWin Intelligent Arbitrage System (TIAS) will mark a revolutionary change in the way arbitrage trading is carried out. Through its effective application of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and advanced data crawling technologies, it is able to execute arbitrage trades of 4 cryptocurrency pairings on one single exchange in real-time thereby effectively addressing all concerns regarding the usual volatility that is associated with cryptocurrency trading efficiently on a single exchange.

TwinWin Intelligent Arbitrage System (TIAS) is more than just a system. It is a revolutionary new product that has the potential to significantly alter the cryptocurrency trading landscape. The system will create what has long been missing in the world of cryptocurrency, and that is: Stability and profitability less the volatility and uncertainty.

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