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Waterdrop Crowdfunding Has Topped Among Chinese Internet Health Care Providers With Over 20-Billion-Yuan Fundraising In Three Years

Waterdrop Crowdfunding Has Topped Among Chinese Internet Health Care Providers With Over 20-Billion-Yuan Fundraising In Three Years

July 24
00:00 2019

Less than three years after its founding, Waterdrop Crowdfunding has left its rivals far behind in terms of business growth and market share, becoming the “Double King” of China’s internet health protection track.


In the past three years, Waterdrop Crowdfunding has adhered to the mass line and helped domestic patients suffering from difficult and serious diseases to raise more than 20 billion yuan of medical funds efficiently through the use of the Internet free of charge. The number of donations has exceeded 500 million and the monthly growth rate has been maintained at over 1.5 billion yuan.


At present, Waterdrop Crowdfunding’s business scope has covered more than 30,000 villages and towns in 30 provinces, more than 400 cities and more than 1,000 counties in China.

At the beginning of 2018, Waterdrop Crowdfunding surpassed its former rival Qingsongchou in market share and became the NO.1 in the industry. The growth rate of its business was even more booming. Waterdrop Crowdfunding was established two years later than its rival, but its trend is obvious. It dares to innovate, earnestly study and pursue perfection. Therefore, in the era of speed, it has long been beyond the reach of its former rivals.


There is no value in simply comparing the size of the company.  With its future development potential and sustained momentum, Waterdrop Crowdfunding has firmly won the market.

In May 2019, Waterdrop Inc officially announced the completion of round B financing of nearly 500 million yuan, led by Tencent, followed by Gaorong Capital, IDG Capital, Bluerun Venture Capital, Sinovation Ventures, DST Global’s Founder Yuri Milner and the former CEO of Tencent’s E-Commerce Company – Wu Xiaoguang.


Only 1 month apart, Waterdrop Inc. announced another round of C financing worth more than 1 billion yuan. This is the largest amount of financing in the field of Internet health insurance and health insurance from 2018 to now, with Boyu Capital taking the lead, Tencent, CICC, Gaorong Capital and other well-known investment institutions taking the lead, and TH Capital acting as the sole financial consultant.


While in May this year, Waterdrop Crowdfunding also announced that the international version of “DeeDa” was available online. Once the DeeDa platform project was available online, it has been praised by the wife of the Prime Minister of Singapore. DeeDa was also designated as the official fund-raising platform for the “Singapore Charity Night for All”. This overseas public welfare platform named after the homonym of “Waterdrop” is showing a vigorous development trend.


In the future, Waterdrop Crowdfunding will continue to work steadily.  It will create more social value in the world.


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Company Name: Beijing Waterdrop Mutual Insurance Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Zejun Liu
Phone No: +86 18800120493
Address: Waterdrop Crowdfunding, Block D, Zhongyun Building
Country: China
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